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Data Submission for Inpatient/Outpatient Discharges

A Road Map for New Data Coordinators

Welcome to COMPdata, a HIPAA-compliant data submission system. Our team is dedicated to making sure you have access to the right tools and information.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Create New/Update Existing Account for Data Submission

New/Update Facility Information  if you are a first time reporting facility you will establish an account for data processing by providing your National Provider Identifier (NPI) on this form.   This form can also be used to add secondary NPIs or report name changes.   

  Step 2: Establishing Data Coordinators for Your Facility
  • Learn about the Data Coordinator's Role, a quick overview of data reporting functions.
  • Establish an authorized Primary User. 
  • Establish accounts for other staff members who will take an active role in data submission for your facility. Account types include Primary, Secondary, or Vendor.
User Account and HIPAA Compliance:  The Primary User is designated for each facility or Health System to manage User accounts. Primary users must contact us immediately of a User’s status change, e.g., separation of employment, or duties and ensure inactive accounts are removed from our system.

New User Access forms
Note: With each Data Coordinator account request, you must upload written authorization by the Primary COMPdata User or another designate.  For questions regarding authorization, email 
Step 3: Review Data Reporting Requirements

The Data Coordinator Manual is a useful resource for Data Coordinators.  You will be provided a link in to this manual in your welcome memo. 
  • The Data Coordinator Manual provides important information such as
  • Page 5 "State Mandates"
  • Page 6 "File Formats"
    • 837/5010X223A2 Systems may submit output files to COMPdata in the 5010X223A2 format.
    • Other systems must use COMPdata's flat file layout
Step 4: Attend an Introductory Webinar

COMPdata hosts a basic training webinar every Wednesday from 11-12 pm CT.

To contact Data Submission Services, email or call 866-262-6222.



Customer Support: or 866.262.6222