Specialty Reports

Specialty Reports

Readmissions Reports:
This new tool will enable a comprehensive analysis of existing gaps in services and readmission rates, with key data by point of origin, payers, APR-DRGs, geography, physicians, discharge status, and readmissions to other hospitals. These reports will not only support and augment each hospital's improvement work, they will also demonstrate the hospital community's collective gains in reducing avoidable readmissions to key stakeholders including patients, legislators, media, payers, and the Department of Healthcare and Family Services.

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Review the following COMPdata Readmission Activity Report Step-by-Step Access Guide to download and save the tool on a secure drive. NOTE: Only authorized users may access this area. Questions regarding access, please contact us (see below).

Readmissions Reports Future Releases
4 quarters ending in June Late November
4 quarters ending in September Late February
4 quarters ending in December Late May
4 quarters ending in March Late August



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