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Readmissions Dashboards

COMPdata Readmissions Dashboards Available
With readmissions a key focus of quality improvement, IHA’s COMPdata Informatics has developed new dashboards that can answer key questions about readmissions at your hospital or health system. The new Readmissions Dashboards will be available to COMPdata subscribers.
The dashboards will identify:
  • Readmission rates and counts at your own hospital and other hospitals;
  • Hospitals to which patients were readmitted; and
  • Reasons for readmission.
Reasons for readmission are broken down by Major Diagnostic Categories (MDC) and Medicare Severity Diagnosis Related Groups (MS-DRG) a significant addition to what’s currently available through DataGen’s Excel-based readmission reports. Those reports will sunset in June.
Where patients go after leaving your hospital is particularly important, as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services penalizes hospitals for patients readmitted to their hospital or another hospital. The new dashboards show you which hospitals provided additional care for your patients and if patients were discharged to their home, a skilled nursing facility or hospice.

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