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COVID-19 Dashboards Offer a Comprehensive View of the Pandemic’s Impact
There’s so much to learn about COVID-19 patients treated in hospitals. Publicly available data boils the pandemic’s impact down to cases, hospitalizations, ICU capacity and ventilator usage. COMPdata’s new COVID-19 Dashboards provider a more nuanced look, 
giving you the ability to perform multiple queries from our comprehensive datasets.

COVID-19 Dashboards offer insight into:
  • Inpatient, Outpatient, and Emergency Department discharges;
  • Patients’ demographic information;
  • Patients’ chronic conditions;
  • Patients’ length of stay; and
  • Treatment charges.  
The dashboards combine discharge and chronic conditions data, from COMPdata with COVID-19 hospitalization data from the Illinois Department of Public Health.

To address health disparities, the dashboards allow you to see the race, ethnicity, age and gender of COVID-19 patients, as well as county and zip code information to identify neighborhoods most affected by the pandemic.
For quality improvement, you can view length of stay and the impact of chronic conditions on the outcomes of COVID-19 patients. The dashboards also show if COVID-19 patients came through the emergency department and if they were treated in the ICU. Discharge data identify the number of inpatients, outpatients and patients deaths. Log in to learn more about our COVID-19 Dashboards.

3/23/2020 Readmissions Dashboards Aid in Reducing Avoidable Hospital Visits
 A key issue in quality improvement, reducing avoidable readmissions also can bring down healthcare costs for providers and patients alike. COMPdata’s Readmissions Dashboards provide hospital leaders and analysts with a tool for understanding why discharged patients return to their hospital or another hospita for care.

The dashboards can assist hospitals in quality improvement and cost saving efforts, all with the goal of better patient outcomes. The dashboards identify:
  • Readmission rates and counts at your own hospital and other hospitals;
  • Hospitals to which patients were readmitted; and
  • Reasons for readmission.
 Reasons for readmission are broken down by Major Diagnostic Categories (MDC) and Medicare Severity Diagnosis Related Groups (MS-DRG). The inclusion of MS-DRG provides greater insight into the care provided to patients who ultimately returned for additional care.
COMPdata follows the 30-day All Cause Hospital Readmission methodology defined by CMS. The readmission methodology has been applied to all adult patient visits and all payers.  Log in to the COMPdata Report tool to learn more about our Readmissions Dashboards.