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Late Load Information and forms

Late Load Submissions Policy and Procedures

General Information:
  • Facilities may request a late load to IHA COMPdata Report tool Database.
  • Late Loads require special handling to accommodate adjustment of edits applied to discharge dates.
  • Late loads are acceptable for Inpatient and outpatient historic data 2019 and forward by a full quarter of data.  
  •  A partial quarter late load is not available.
Fees and Request Form: Late Load Form

Late Load Policy:  
  • Illinois late loads are supplied to the COMPdata Report Tool only. The Illinois Department of Public Health doesn't accept late loads
  • Facilities must agree to have any current data for the late load quarter be removed in COMPdata's Data Submission system. 
  • A partial quarter late load is not available. 
    • Before beginning this process confirm with your appropriate sources are able to create complete output files.
    • Outpatient includes OS, ED, OC, IM and all other voluntary OP if applicable. 
 MHA Release Request: Montana Hospital Association requires written consent between the facility, MHA and COMPdata.  Please contact your MHA representative.

Late Load Submission Process:
  • Your COMPdata Customer Service Representative will provide you a submission start date  
  • Complete regular submission steps in production at your own pace
  • Check the Data Submission Verification/Quality Report (DSVR-DQSR) to verify the quality and volume of new data is accurate
To Release the Late Load for Publication:
  1. Confirm in writing to  that the late load results are acceptable and complete based on final counts and attach the DSVR-DQSR report.
  2. Remit full payment of Late Load Fees

Late Load publication:

  • Late Load publication to the COMPdata Report Tool is based on the completion date of the steps above as shown in the schedule below.
Cycle End Dates:
Late Load Cycle Submission Complete and Fees Due Date COMPdata's Report Tool Release Month
 First May 1 July
Second August 1 October
Third November 1 January
Fourth February 1 April

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